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3D Digital Experience Platform

Zea 3DXP is a secure cloud platform to create, publish, track, and update fully-interactive 3D content for after-sales product documentation.


Zea Engine is a modular 3D graphics engine SDK for software developers building 3D web applications.

Re-Think PRODUCT InformaTion

Create and Publish 3D After-Sales Content 

Stop wasting time turning 3D content into 2D images



Go cloud



Built for the Future

Zea 3DXP is for technical content teams at original equipment manufacturers who are tired of turning a 3D model into 2D images.

It's a secure 3D Digital Experience Platform to create, publish, track, and update 3D content for after-sales product documentation.

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Cloud Platform

Zea's cloud platform has the tools you need to digitalize your technical content and start delivering the experience users expect.

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • IP protection for sensitive information
  • Reporting & admin dashboard

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Illustrations HubTM

Technical Illustrations

Use 3D models to author the technical illustrations you need for operator guides, repair manuals, or spare part catalogs.

  • Create technical illustrations
  • Export jpg and png images
  • Embed interactive 3D technical illustrations

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Parts HubTM

3D Interactive Part Catalog

Help users find the spare parts they need faster, and with more accuracy than any other solution on the market.

  • Create views & edit the service bill of materials
  • Single source 3D parts across models
  • Nothing to import, export, or upload
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How it Works

3D Models

Engineering CAD files get processed locally before syncing to the cloud application.

Create Content

Teams author 3D content right in the web-browser, with no plugins to download or software to install.

Create Content

Publish Content

Publish interactive 3D content. Link to a hosted URL or embed it anywhere in your website or documentation.

Reporting Dashboard

Real-time reporting on engineering changes & how they impact the accuracy of your content.

Reporting Dashboard


Integrated cloud application


Does This Sound Familiar?

Creating our electronic spare part catalog is an expensive and time-consuming 3-year project. We have to create all the exploded views, add callouts, export the images, upload them to an electronic spare part catalog, link them to a bill of materials, and keep them up to date for all models & configurations. And that’s not even counting the new models we’re going to introduce in the next few years.

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