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Finally, a 3D platform that’s both powerful and easy to use. We help after-sales deliver the value that customers get from owning the products.
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We work with small and medium-sized manufacturers to deliver the value that customers get out of using your products.

Unlike outdated desktop applications, our web-based platform eliminates wasted time in technical documentation workflows, consolidates the process into one easy-to-use application, gives after-sales complete control over their vision, and gets all the product support teams aligned with your company's objectives.



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Full 3D models

Work with the whole model in the browser

 Zea Engine renders over ten times more frames per second than the competition providing content teams with a seamless 3D experience.

Load Them Faster

 Faster Loading

Models load in seconds, not minutes

Our web-friendly file format enables authors to load entire 3D models, usually in less than 5 seconds. Book a demo to see it with your data.

On Any Device

On Any Device

Touch and Mobile Friendly

Our apps deliver the experience users expect on their devices, from mobile to VR, we support them all directly in the browser without downloads or plugins.

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Learn about Zea's unique approach to solving high-value visualization problems.

CAD Visualization on the Web: 2021 Benchmark Report
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Save Time

We make powerful 3D fun

Simplify your tool stack, reduce technical debt, and see immediate performance gains. We can help you launch a feature-complete product on day one.



Take Full Control

Nobody beats Zea at 3D rendering performance.

A Rendering Engine on the Web

Dr. Gary Thompson, Director of Industry Innovation at CNA

"Working with Zea, we were able to build a web application that allowed our research team to collaboratively explore a point-cloud scan of an underground mine in real-time and over the web."



Blake Courter, CTO at nTopology

"Working with Zea, we were able to give users real-time visual feedback and allow parametric editing of our implicit models using CodeReps on the web."



Damian Rafferty, Managing Director at Pulse PLM

"The first thing I did was throw the biggest CAD model I had at Zea. I switched to Zea when they showed they could render it at 60 FPS in the browser."



Philippe Buffet, Head of Manufacturing activity at 4DConcept

"Working with Zea, we were able to design a solution to add interactive web-based 3D work instructions using our existing ADAM S1000D publication workflow."



James Coleman, Vice President of Innovation, R&D at Zahner

"Working with Zea, we built a tool to collaboratively review survey data gathered from a total station against the 3D model, in real-time, on all devices, and in the browser!"



Borys Dubenko, CEO at Jazzros

“Through our partnership, we believe we are providing a unique offering and added-value for our clients. With the Zea Engine, we are able to accelerate solving visualization problems that off-the-shelf solutions cannot and/or avoid costly situations where we have to develop standard functions from scratch”



"Working with Zea, we built a tool to collaboratively review survey data gathered from a total station against the 3D model, in real-time, on all devices, and in the browser!"

James Coleman
Lead Research & Development Engineer


Zahner provides unrivaled expertise and experience in architectural metals and engineering. As projects increase in complexity, a collaboration between design and construction becomes critical to success. Then, as a project moves from the office to the job site, the design and coordination tools diminish in sophistication and accessibility. The significant difficulty reflected in the divergence is between 3D plans in the office and the 2D plans on the construction site.


In collaboration with Zahner, we created SurveyLink, a solution that eliminates lengthy review-revise loops between the office and job site during the survey. In the process, we identified critical points with the design engineering team. After, we used cloud storage and collaborative CAD/BIM visualizations in web applications. These tools allow teams in the offices and on the job site to access the same 3D visualization on any device in real-time.


The solution provides instant analysis of survey points through real-time collaboration between the field team installing the prefabricated elements and the responsible engineers/project managers. The results are faster turnaround, lower construction costs, better communication, increased quality, and more.

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Industrial RObotics

Palletizer and pallet handling simulation.



Explore a gearbox and shift gears.



Learn the components and reassemble a master cylinder.

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