Zea Engine SDK

Zea Engine is a Web-Based (TypeScript) 3D Graphics Engine SDK that's easy to use and supported by a dedicated team of developers. 


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Zea Engine is FAST!

With our focus on performance, Zea delivers 10x better compression compared to glTF file formats and 10x better framerates on large assemblies than Three.js.

  • Render scenes of 40,000 objects at 46 FPS
  • A rendering path optimized for efficient GPU utilization
  • A scene tree to represent large, complex 3d scenes


We provide full source code access during evaluation and will continue providing it if we partner up.


Plugin based architecture makes it easy to extend the engine to an unlimited number of use-cases.


For software developers building web applications that need to support large 3D CAD models.

What to Expect

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We learn about your project, your timeline, and what you need to be successful. We'll be trying to help you figure out if Zea is a good fit.

If yes, we move forward with an evaluation.

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We support your evaluation by building quick proof-of-concepts that solve the critical blockers every project hits early on.

We like to learn and participate in your success. Our work has led to at least one patent claim for a happy client. 

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We execute a commercial licensing agreement, agree on any continued support terms and roadmap items, and help you through your launch checklist.

At this stage you're comfortable with our technology and feel safe knowing that you're using a supported SDK.

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Geometry in Motion

Zea supports a wide range of rendering requirements, complex motion, and user interaction models.

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Stop Messing Around

Building a scalable 3D web app is more complicated than most people will have you believe. 

Zea Engine powers the most innovative projects in the field today. We've hit most of the problems you'll run into and can help you get past them too.


The ball is in your court!

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