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  • We build new or custom features, applications, or plugins that integrate seamlessly with our ecosystem, guaranteed.

  • We help our clients be as disruptive as possible with new products. We offer professional services with clear IP ownership conditions to suit your needs.

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Pilot-Projects & Proof-of-Concepts

We can help from start to finish.

We offer support, a dedicated development team and architecture guidance to help you build a proof-of-concept, prototype, or pilot project.

LiDAR Mine

Our Senior Team


Philip Taylor

CTO, Co-Founder

With a diverse background covering documentary television production, film, and video games, Philip has over 20 years of experience in the 3D graphics industry. He's also contributed to software development at large companies like Autodesk and Softimage, his unique skill set makes him particularly efficient at tackling new problems.


Mauro Porras

Senior Cloud Architect

Mauro is a TopTal qualified developer and has led agile teams in companies like Globant and Netcentric, as well as working on projects for companies such as Autodesk. Mauro is our in-house expert on web technologies, cloud storage, and cloud-compute.

Tell Us About Your Project(s)

We'd love to hear what you have in mind; here's what gets us excited:

  • We love working with research partners that test the limits of what can be done in the browser. 
  • Connectivity and IoT, connecting real-world data to 3D models.
  • We love renewables, clean energy, electric cars, and robots.
  • Custom cloud-storage solutions coupled with our engine.