Advanced tools for the 3D expert in you. Zea's 3D graphics engine SDK is for building the next generation of high-performance industry 4.0 web applications. The Engine and plugins are documented, professionally maintained, and open-source. Our project templates help get things started.



Community members are free to use, review, modify, distribute the software or redistribute modifications under the AGPLv3 open-source license. Your free Community account can be used for:

  • Non-commercial personal projects
  • Exploratory development
  • Unfunded educational activities

Purchase a commercial license if you are going to use the Zea Engine for commercial, government, or funded research projects.


Same great features as our free community license, plus:

  • Custom license
  • Pay monthly, quarterly, or annually
  • Priority development support
  • Private tech support slack channel
  • Prioritized enhancement requests

What's Included?

All of our open-source plugins and templates

What's Extra?

Server-side tools to automate pre-processing native and neutral 3D CAD and BIM files into a web-optimized format.

Need a custom solution or would like to discuss a strategic partnership?

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