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Start Here!

Hi there, so you just signed up on Zea. That's awesome! Here are your first steps.

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Step 1: Create an Organization

Anyone can create an account; it's free, and you don't need a credit card.

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Step 2: Create a Workspace

Workspaces are isolated areas of your organization.

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Step 3: Synchronize 3D Models

Install the CAD CLNR, and synchronize your 3D models with Zea.

Important! The CAD CLNR has to be installed on a computer running Windows operating system

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Step 4: Make Your Content Look Amazing

Zea single sources your 3D models across projects, which means you can make global edits to a part's appearance that will update all your projects.

Coming soon

Step 5: Create Your First Illustration

Start a project in Illustrations Hub, add a 3D model, create views, and publish it online.

Coming soon

Inviting Users

Manage users and their roles within your organization.

Coming soon

General Settings

Rename your workspace, change the "up" direction (helpful if all your models are loading sideways), and adjust the tessellation precision.

Coming soon

Synchronizing 3D Models

Install and configure the CAD CLNR; the desktop application that processes your 3D files locally into an optimized web format and synchronizes with your cloud account in Zea.

Coming soon

Filter Unwanted CAD Files

If you're synching a large folder, chances are you have some data that you don't want to sync. Use filters to make sure that data doesn't get synchronized to Zea.

Coming soon

Set the Workspace Default Properties

Apply your brand colors and logo to the workspace. You can also set the default export size for illustrations, and rebuild the system cache.

Coming soon

Creating and Updating an Illustrations Hub Project

Start a project in Illustrations Hub, add a 3D model, and create views. Secondly, we'll update the 3D models and see how that affects published projects.

Coming soon

Publishing an Illustrations Hub Project Online

We'll start with publishing a shareable URL and move n to more advanced features, like locking a version and embedding it on a website.

Coming soon

Setting a Rotate Pivot Point

You tried to rotate a model, but it didn't rotate along the axis you wanted. Create a group starting with the part that represents the pivot axis, like a hinge.

Coming soon

Using Keyboard Shortcuts and Quick Navigation Tips

Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between features. Double-click to quickly frame the 3D scene or set a focus point.


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