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3D Digital Experience Platform

Zea 3DXP is a secure cloud platform to create, publish, track, and update fully-interactive 3D content for after-sales product documentation.


Zea Engine is a modular 3D graphics engine SDK for software developers building 3D web applications.

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Product Tours Every Friday at 3 PM ET Sharp

Create 3D technical illustrations and embed them on a website in under 30 minutes


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So that you can create 3D technical illustrations and embed them on a website in under 30 minutes


01. Import Native CAD Files

We'll use the CAD CLNR™ to process native 3D CAD files from SolidWorks into 3D visualization files for the web.

CAD Clnr 2

02. Create Technical Illustrations

We'll pretend that we need some views for a repair procedure. We'll use Illustrations Hub™ to create and save a few views of those views.

Compare Versions Without a PLM

03. Download and Embed Views

Once we're happy with the views, we'll download them to our computer (so very old-school) and we'll also embed the whole project on a website for a fully interactive 3D experience.


Event Schedule

Friday at 3 PM ET Sharp

What is Zea 3DXP?
Import CAD
We'll process (offline) a small SolidWorks 3D CAD model of a trailer. Once the native CAD files are processed, they get synced with the cloud platform.
Create Illustrations
We'll be working in the cloud application and using Illustrations Hub™ to create technical illustrations for a fictional repair procedure.
Embed 3D
We'll embed the project we created during the product tour onto a website and share the link with everyone.
Next Steps

Go over the next steps to get you publishing 3D content



Anywhere with an internet connection

Man listening to music on headphones at home
Concentrated bearded young man using laptop while his friends studying together
Shocked young business woman using laptop looking at computer screen blown away in stupor sitting outside corporate office. Human face expression, emotion, feeling, perception, body language, reaction
A few locations we don't recommend for this product tour
We don't recommend the desert
We don't recommend wearing a horse mask
We don't recommend hitchhiking
A concert is a bad place for watching a product tour

Live from Montreal, Canada



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