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Illustration hub - here to make your life easier



Key Features

For creating 3D technical illustrations


Create technical illustrations

Create Technical Illustrations

Working from your web-browser, use your organization's 3D models to create interactive 3D technical illustrations of the products that need documentation. 

Export PNG and JPG images

Export PNG and JPG Images

Once you've created technical illustrations, you can export them as png or jpg files to use with your existing technical documentation.

Link or embed 3D in your contact

Link or Embed 3D in Your Content

Because the 3D content you're authoring is already online, publishing it is super simple! 

Simply restrict access to authorized users and organizations, or publish your work publicly.


Why Zea is on another level

Global materials editor

Companies wants their 3D models to look great but there just isn't time to keep adjusting the look of each part. Until now.

Zea single sources each 3D part across all the projects on the platform. In other words, every time you make a part look good, it makes all your content look better, not just one project.

Global materials editor

Instant Updates

We monitor the source 3D CAD files for changes. If a new version gets created, we'll flag it for review.

We'll even tell you what illustrations a part is visible in so you can update each illustration individually or all of them at once.

Instant updates

Compare versions without a PLM

Sometimes it's not enough to know if a part was updated. Most people will want to know what has changed. We can help with that.

When a part gets synced to the cloud, we store it with a version number. Every time engineering makes a change, we can show you what content to update, if any.

Compare versions without a PLM

Seeing is Believing

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