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Zea Cloud Platform

Transform 3D models into documented digital twins

A FREE, simple-to-use cloud-based 3D platform for manufacturers with distributed teams


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A FREE Platform with Unlimited Potential

The job is challenging for today's technical content creators. Either you’re switching between disjointed desktop applications, or you’re stuck with tools that are powerful but impossible to use. This means scattered workflows, a lackluster user experience, and too much time spent copying information from one application to another. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With Zea, all your tools and data are on one easy-to-use, powerful platform. You’ll save valuable time and get all the context you need to provide users with the personalized experience they expect, at scale.



Process native 3D CAD files from engineering into lightweight web visualization files on premises before syncing to the cloud.

With Zea, you don't risk security by sending your files for processing on a remote cloud server. The files that leave your building can't be reverse-engineered or loaded into another CAD application. 



Manage who can access your content by inviting users to your account, assigning roles, and controlling the permissions granted to each role.

Great for teams that need to scale resources up and down for projects.

User Roles and Permissions 2

Work From Anywhere

Cloud applications enable teams to stay compliant and productive from anywhere. No more transferring CAD files to employees working from home, using WeTransfer to send CAD to external vendors, or slow VPN connections limiting productivity.

Zea runs a redundant multi-site cloud environment ensuring redundancy, availability, and high-speed connections.

Work from Anywhere


Monitor your content health in real-time.

When engineering saves a new version of a CAD file, you get notified, can compare the new version to the previous version, see where it's being used in the documentation, and decide whether to update content.

Realtime Dashboard

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'We see the value of Zea for our clients. One of our biggest challenges is to use 3D models for technical writing and product documentation. Zea isn't only improving the content authoring experience within the 3D application but is standardizing the entire process for sharing 3D in the industry '

Jean-Philippe Croteau
Protech Solutions Plus


Zea 3DXP provides the scalable infrastructure manufacturers need for a world-class customer portal.

Use hubs to create content that delivers the value customers expect when they purchase equipment. The dashboard allows managers to measure what matters.

The platform


The First Step

Create and export images for operator guides, repair manuals, instruction sheets, or spare part catalogs. You can also share a project by URL or embed it on a website.

Illustrations Hub is included in all plans and is the first step towards a more efficient process.

Illustrations Hub


The Next Step

Now that all the 3D content is online use it to build a fully interactive 3D part catalog.

Parts Hub unlocks the capacity to map engineering part numbers to service part numbers, create service kits, and publish them to a customer portal.

Parts hub


Save Time And Money

You have a mile (or kilometer) long to-do list, a never-ending inflow of change notifications, and need everything done yesterday because sales and marketing aren't going to hold back the new product launch. Did we nail it? 

That's why we created Zea 3DXP. It's powerful. It's flexible. It's easy to use. It's a breath of fresh air and motivation for teams who have been doing things the same way for the last two decades.

Software Agnostic

Sync from 20+ CAD file formats

Fast Onboarding

Only one application to learn

Tutorial Videos

A complete library of help videos

Real Person Support

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