Zea Engine

Build 3D apps with blazing fast load times

Experience the difference that an extendable platform makes for your roadmap. Forget about clunky desktop applications that need to publish to the web

Simply put, Zea Engine is the only choice if you want to crush whatever challenges the future has in store for your web apps.

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Zea Engine was designed with the highest requirements in mind, giving developers a suite of tools to address the toughest challenges in modern professional graphics app development.

  • A highly optimized code path for WebGL-based rendering
  • A rendering path optimized for efficient GPU utilization
  • A scene tree to represent large, complex 3d scenes


Zea Engine was built for the web and enables new categories of high-performance and versatile web applications.

  • Designed for everything from film VFX production through to design visualization
  • Supports a wide range of rendering requirements, complex motion, and user interaction models
  • Leverages event triggers found in the browser while adding a layer of tools for building 3D user interface widgets and interaction


Zea Engine uses a modular architecture that enables developers to integrate new functionalities. Zea keeps the essential features in the core while allowing powerful extensions to be built, either by Zea, to expand the engine's scope, or by third parties.

  • All aspects of the toolkit support extension through plugins that can implement custom behaviors and features
  • The scene tree supports custom tree nodes which can contain any type of data, expose custom functions, and provide interaction tools
  • The operator system computes changes in the scene tree enabling custom procedural motion or effects
  • The renderer supports plugins that can take responsibility for displaying custom nodes in the tree, making it possible to integrate any custom rendering effects, while integrating with existing rendering solutions, and supporting features such as VR or AR


Zea Engine provides a core and bare functionality and a collection of plugins that extend the engine's functionally for more specific use cases.

Or develop your own custom plugin.