User Experience

Take your web apps to the next level with UI/UX tools and real-time collaboration

Develop any user interface, from a simple 2D toolbar to on-screen 3D widgets or gesture-based  VR controls, with the Zea UX plugin and Zea Web Components UI library.

Zea Collab lets you interact with, demonstrate, and review your 3D projects collaboratively from anywhere in the world.

Table of Contents


UX and UI

Combine Zea UX and Zea Web Components to create rich user experiences in both 2D and 3D.

  • Undo/redo tools.
  • On-screen 3D widgets such as translation and rotation tools.
  • User-created 3D geometry and 2D splines.
  • Quickly assemble UIs with our library of components.
  • Develop anything from tree views for model structures through to simple menus.
  • Web components library that is compatible with any existing web app framework.
  • Annotate models in multiple languages with smart labels.

Real-time Collaboration

With Zea Collab, you can Interact with, demonstrate, and review your 3D projects simultaneously with your team from anywhere in the world.

  • Simply share a URL or QR code to invite colleagues to collaborate.
  • Collaborate on the same scene with different devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Client and server-side tools for connecting and synchronizing users.
Real-time Calibration of Complex Structures whitepaper


Find out how Zea and architectural metal & glass company Zahner used real-time collaboration to improve surveying workflows on large construction projects in our whitepaper “Real-time Calibration of Complex Structures.”


Virtual Reality

Zea leverages WebXR so that anyone can experience virtual reality from the browser.

  • Interact with your projects collaboratively in VR from anywhere in the world.
  • See your models from a bird’s-eye view or zoom in and inspect fine details.
  • Use natural controls and gestures for a more immersive experience.
  • Draw directly on your models or create geometry.
  • Use almost any headset, including augmented reality-enabled headsets.


Cloud Infrastructure

Zea can also work with you to help set up a full cloud infrastructure coupled with the Zea Engine. Our Zea Drive is compatible with platforms such as Google Cloud or AWS.

  • Cloud storage platform.
  • Project history for simultaneous users.
  • Identity and access management (ZIAM).
  • Cloud compute.
Cloud infrastructure