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Achieving the best performance for your application demands the best team working on the best web-based real-time rendering engine. Partner with Zea to solve today's most challenging problems plaguing 3D web-visualization.



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Zea Services Overview

Our Services Overview

Working directly with Zea enables custom development of features or plugins that integrate seamlessly with the engine.

We help you be as disruptive as possible with your new products and enable your clients to perform tasks on the web that blow the competition out of the water. We offer professional services with clear IP ownership conditions to suit your needs.

LiDAR Mine

Pilot-Projects & Proof-of-Concepts

Through our Evaluation License, we offer priority support and a bank of dedicated development and training hours to help you build a proof-of-concept, prototype, or take part in a pilot-project.

If your resources are limited, Zea or one of our partners will have the capacity to take the lead and build your proof-of-concept.

Zea Drive

Corporate Cloud Storage (Beta)

Zea Drive is a secure company-wide cloud storage solution for securely managing data.

Why? Everybody is collecting more data than ever. Primarily gigabytes worth of 3D data like LiDAR scans.

What? We coupled Drive with the Zea Engine for powerful web-based visualization for your 3D assets. Then, we added bank-level security to give the right people access and keep others out.


Partner Services

We're here to help either directly or indirectly through our partners.

Tailorsoft provides expertise in cloud services, web-development, and the Zea Engine.

Tell Us About Your Project(s)

We'd love to hear what you have in mind; here's what gets us excited:

  • We love working with research partners that test the limits of what can be done in the browser. 
  • Connectivity and IoT, connecting real-world data to 3D models.
  • Geomatics and BIM.
  • We love renewables, clean energy, electric cars, and robots.
  • Custom cloud-storage solutions coupled with our engine.

NOTE: There are no engine license fees for academic research projects, they are considered an in-kind contribution.