Movement and Animation

Bring your static scenes to life through kinematic movement

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Inverse Kinematics

Animate articulated robots, or characters, by rotating and positioning links in a kinematic chain.

  • Simple yet powerful keyframing
  • Edit IK handles and keyframe on the fly
  • Attach models to simulate picking up or moving objects
  • Try it yourself with the Robot Animation showcase demo

Links to Zea Kinematics docs

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Animate engines and machinery quickly with specific gear classes.

  • Change gears in real-time
  • Easily configure RPM and gear ratios
  • Powerful state machine hierarchy for transitioning between animation states
  • Try it yourself with the Gearbox Showcase demo

Exploded Views

Disassemble your models into individual parts to demonstrate how they fit together. Perfect for interactive manuals.

  • Easy to set up and modify
  • Animate between states or manually drag models apart
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Build nonlinear interactions with the Zea Kinematics plugin. Manipulate models in real-time, even in VR, or animate the results with keyframe animation.

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