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Build nonlinear interactions with the Zea Kinematics plugin. Manipulate models in real-time, even in VR, or animate the results with keyframe animation.

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Gearbox Master Cylinder Robot Animation


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This is a plug-in for Zea Engine with features that enable the motion of points, bodies and system of bodies. In other words, animation of your objects inside the engine. Pistons, Explode Parts, Aiming, etc.

The Kinematics library leverages the DAG evaluation system that is part of the Engine core architecture. Kinematic operators are connected to parameters on nodes forming a graph that is cleaned during rendering. This makes it possible to build complex scenes combining many operators together.

Animate Gears
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Animate engines and machinery quickly with specific gear classes.

  • Change gears in real-time
  • Easily configure RPM and gear ratios
  • Powerful state machine hierarchy for transitioning between animation states
  • Try it yourself with the Gearbox Showcase demo
Explode Assemblies
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Disassemble your models into individual parts to demonstrate how they fit together. Perfect for interactive manuals.

  • Easy to set up and modify
  • Animate between states or manually drag models apart
Inverse Kinematics
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Animate articulated robots, or characters, by rotating and positioning links in a kinematic chain.

  • Simple yet powerful keyframing
  • Edit IK goal and keyframe on the fly
  • Attach models to simulate picking up or moving objects
  • Try it yourself with the Robot Animation showcase demo



Full documentation with concepts, tutorials, live examples, API documentation and more; can be found at the Zea Kinematics docs site: https://docs.zea.live/zea-kinematics

These docs allow developers to get started with the Zea Kinematics by downloading free and open-source demo content and using Zea's publicly distributed client-side libraries.




Apps and end-users
  • Unlimited
Developer support
Explode Operator check-solid
Gears Operator check-solid
Aim Operator check-solid
Inverse Kinematics check-solid
Keyframe Animation Tracks check-solid

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