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Import and load gLTF files in Zea Engine.

glTF loader


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If you are considering a web-based 3D graphics engine, you have all the tools you need to get started, build, and test an application using the glTF file format and Zea Engine.

  1. Use the Svelte Template to start building your application
  2. Load your 3D models with the glTF Loader

NOTE: to compare glTF to zcad file format, check out the specifications table on the Zea CAD page.



The readme on the glTF Loader GitHub repo has instructions on how to begin.



General Links
Live Demos
License Open-Source
Distribution Through GitHub
Dependencies Zea Engine
Apps and end-users Unlimited
Developer support Community
Load glTF files check-solid
Load glTF Binary files check-solid
Load glTF Drako files check-solid
Support for glTF extras check-solid
Advanced materials, such as sheen and clearcoat Not currently supported

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