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Zea Engine is a browser-based 3D graphics SDK for professional applications. It was built from the ground up for CAD on the web.

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Visualize Complex CAD Models

The Zea CAD plugin is built to visualize large, complex CAD datasets in the browser. Load your models in seconds rather than minutes after pre-processing your files into Zea’s highly efficient .zcad file format.

  • Designed for CAD with parametric surfaces rendered in the client GPU
  • Render real-world data sets upwards of 200,000 parts
  • Heavy file sizes reduced by up to 200 times
  • Support for all major CAD file types
  • Visualize large models on mobile devices



Render Massive Point Clouds

The Zea Potree plugin loads LIDAR point cloud data with tens of millions of points directly in the browser.

  • WebGL-based point cloud renderer based on Potree
  • Dynamically loads points based on viewport
  • Combine with Zea CAD to view CAD or BIM models inside point cloud environments


"Working with Zea, we built a tool to collaboratively review survey data gathered from a total station against the 3D model, in real-time, on all devices, and in the browser!"

James Coleman
Lead Research & Development Engineer


Zahner provides unrivaled expertise and experience in architectural metals and engineering. As projects increase in complexity, a collaboration between design and construction becomes critical to success. Then, as a project moves from the office to the job site, the design and coordination tools diminish in sophistication and accessibility. The significant difficulty reflected in the divergence is between 3D plans in the office and the 2D plans on the construction site.


In collaboration with Zahner, we created SurveyLink, a solution that eliminates lengthy review-revise loops between the office and job site during the survey. In the process, we identified critical points with the design engineering team. After, we used cloud storage and collaborative CAD/BIM visualizations in web applications. These tools allow teams in the offices and on the job site to access the same 3D visualization on any device in real-time.


The solution provides instant analysis of survey points through real-time collaboration between the field team installing the prefabricated elements and the responsible engineers/project managers. The results are faster turnaround, lower construction costs, better communication, increased quality, and more.

Get Moving with Animation 

With Zea Kinematics you can create dynamic scenes and real-time animations. Combined with Zea Collab, and other plugins, you can simultaneously interact with your creations in real time with your colleagues.

  • Keyframe pre-recorded animations or interact with models in real time
  • Animate engines and machinery quickly with specific gear classes
  • Explode model to demonstrate how they are assembled
  • Animate articulated robots, or even characters, with inverse kinematics
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 College of the North Atlantic
Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster

Build Better User Experiences

Develop rich 2D and 3D user interfaces with the Zea UX plugin and the Svelte Template. Then simply share a link and start collaborating in real-time 3D with Zea Collab.

  • Collaboration in real-time across PC, tablets, and smartphones
  • Quickly invite your team with a URL or QR code
  • Create 2D UIs and 3D widgets
  • Undo and redo tools
  • VR in the browser


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