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CAD Viewer

Our CAD Viewer is designed with the most basic requirements in mind, this embeddable 3D viewer is for applications that need immediate 3D support for standard features.

Great for websites, PLM applications, and displaying PMI information.

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Technical Documentation

Designed for technical documentation and part catalogs, it has the same basic features as the CAD viewer plus the tools to explode assemblies, save views, create callouts, translate and rotate geometry, and more.

Great for authoring interactive parts catalogs, technical publications, and 3D work instructions.


All the tools to build immersive VR and 3D interactive eLearning scenarios with CAD models.

Zea enables the next generation of e-Learning with kinematic movements, animations, true drag-and-drop interactions, and more.



All products are compatible with Zea Cloud for native CAD file format support.

Features CAD Viewer Technical Documentation e-Learning
Price Free Requires Zea Cloud Subscription Requires Zea Cloud Subscription
Supported 3D Formats without Zea Cloud subscription
Zea Cloud adds support for 20+ native CAD file formats
glTF Not applicable Not applicable
Moving to a web-first solution is exciting. We'll help you make sure you don't forget anything.
Embed and customize Zea Viewer in your application, it has all the functionality baked in.
Preset Views
Preset camera angles such as 3/4 views for consistency across publications.
View Cube
Use the view cube to quickly navigate mode orientation relative to an axis.
Access Management
Manage who has access to your Zea Cloud account with Zea Identity and Access Management settings (ZIAM).
File Encryption
Zea Cloud is secure by design. Your files are encrypted in transit and in storage.
PMI & Metadata
Support all the PMI and metadata that comes with supported native CAD file formats.
Take accurate measurements directly off your 3D CAD files.
Multiple render modes
Choose from the hidden line, silhouette, and many more CAD-specific rendering modes.
VR Ready
Experience your massive models in VR, directly from the embeddable viewer in the browser.
Touch and mobile-friendly user interface
It doesn't matter what device your users have, or what mode they use it in. Your content will always be usable and look great.
Bi-Directional API
Interactions in the Zea Viewer are reflected in the host application and vice-versa.
Multi-Column model tree
Display data like description, part number, revision number, or any other value in the model tree.
Search Tool
Search the model's metadata and model tree for whatever you're looking for.
Explode tool (linear transform)
Use translation tools to explode assemblies into individual parts.
Rotation Tool
Rotate the on-screen geometry in any direction.
Cutaway Views
Look inside entire assemblies with a cutting plane, or just cut through the out housing leaving the internals intact.
Save Views
Save camera viewpoints and geometry location on the screen. Pick up your work anytime or use the view to share with another user.
Kinematic movements
Set parent/child relationships and build kinematic movement into your immersive training scenario. Make robots move, engines turn, and parts explode automatically.
Multi-user collaboration
Invite others to your room with a unique ID and collaborate, explore, and learn together.
Animation and timelines
Create immersive 3D learning scenarios by animating concepts and procedures. Easily scrub through the animation with timelines.
Multi-lingual labels
Add multi-language support directly to your 3D scene without re-publishing. Based on browser default language settings.
Assembly procedures
Drag and drop to learn how to put assemblies back together.



Embeddable solutions offer a low-code option to quickly add 3D to a website or web application. All solutions feature Zea's industry-leading rendering performance and versatility. Combined with Zea Cloud, these embeddable solutions offer the fastest and most affordable way to add professional 3D graphics to your application without introducing unnecessary risks or vulnerabilities.