About Zea

It's All About Teamwork!




The Lightbulb Moment

Zea was created to solve product documentation problems holding back SMEs

Companies go to great lengths to piece together scraps of information to build product documentation. This approach doesn't scale and holds back even the most ambitious organizations.

When we uncovered how bad the problem was, we decided it was time to do something about it.

So, we built a next-generation 3D Digital Experience Platform

Now, we work with small and medium-sized manufacturers to help them deliver the value that customers get out of using their products.



Re-Organize Product Information


Augment workflows to save time creating and finding content


New content creators get up and running in hours, not weeks


Sell spare parts directly from service documentation


Zea is a symbol of putting the customer experience first


Support SMEs through their growth to global entreprises


Delight users with great experiences


Zea Team

People at Zea share a contagious passion for improving experiences with beautifully-designed software. 

Michael Smith BW

Michael Smith


Michael Smith is an advocate for using technology to increase productivity. From his early days as an automotive technician to managing training for BRP’s Powersport division, he has created a culture in the workplace that challenges the traditional ways of getting work done.

Philip Taylor_LinkedIn

Philip Taylor


Philip Taylor is the CTO and founder of Zea. He has a diverse background covering documentary television production, film and video games, and also software development at large companies like Autodesk and Softimage; Phil has a unique skill set that makes him particularly versatile.


Mauro Porras

Senior Cloud Architect

Mauro brings with him 10 years of experience in producing and maintaining reliable web applications and is the mind behind Zea’s infrastructure. He is a TopTal qualified developer and has led agile teams in companies such as Globant and Netcentric, as well as working on projects for companies such as Autodesk.

Rob Haines 400x400

Rob Haines

UX/UI Designer

Rob ensures that the Zea platform is beautiful, intuitive, and easy to use. Before joining Zea he worked as a designer on web apps and e-commerce sites, and started his career as a 3D/technical artist on video games and virtual worlds.

Froilan Moreno

Froilan Moreno

Full Stack Developer

Froilan loves a variety of topics like graphic design, user experience, semantic HTML/CSS markup, JavaScript/PHP/Java programming with OOP and design patterns, relational and NoSql database design, and computer system monitoring and administration.

Bachar Kanaan (Beash)

Bachar Kanaan

Head of RevOps

Bachar (Beash) is a lifelong entrepreneur. From selling custom belts from his own stand at a shopping mall to chief growth officer at a fintech startup. He grasps concepts at lightning speed and translates them into opportunities that scale. He's also passionate about technology and is a full-stack developer.


Brodie Snelling

Product Owner

Brodie Snelling is a full-stack developer with a BASc in Mechanical Engineering (EIT), who brings valuable 3D CAD design experience to the team. Brodie has worked in various fields from manufacturing, automation, and the defense sector.